Offered as a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform, JusticeConnect provides secure
access to your CAD and RMS by using iOS, Android or Web-based apps.


Our mobile platform has been developed to allow agencies access to new technology without requiring a major technology initiative or have an expanding IT budget for management of a complex premise-based system. This means JusticeConnect provides these features without requiring an additional on-site dedicated server to house the secure software environment.

Any CAD/ RMS/ CJI data in the "Cloud" environment is stored within a secure encrypted Azure Government file container. 

The JusticeConnect SAAS system connects securely back to your agency specific CMI and FORSECOM SQL Databases using FIPS140-2 encryption to act as a proxy connector to allow your mobile users access to CMI Justice. 





Master Name Records    
Plates & People with ForseCom Integration    
Device Provisioning
Advanced Authentication
CJIS Access Required Auditing
Enforces Password Polices
Driving Directions    

Data Editing with Voice Dictation    
User-to-User Messaging   2018
2018 2018
Automatic Vehicle/Unit Location (AVL)
Common Operational Picture (COP)  


Usage and Auditing Reports  

Daily Usage Reports Emailed to Admin  

CJIS Auditing Compliant Reporting

Provisioning Notification Services  

User Lockout Options  

Log-out Threshold Settings  

User Self- Service Password Reset  



Dispatch Fire Data Only   2018
Common Operation Picture (COP)
Driving Directions     2018
Provisioned Devices Only     2018
Automatic Vehicle/Unit Location (AVL)   2018


CJIS Policy v5.3, Section 5.13.3

CJIS Policy v5.2, Section 5.13.2    
CJIS Policy v5.2, Section  

CJIS Policy v5.2, Section    

 **When a compliant  MDM is used.        

Printable version of diagram. pdf Document 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a replacement to the existing desktop application?
No. This is a  application and meant to serve mobile users on smart phones and 7"-10" tablets running iOS and Android operating systems or on Windows devices using a web browser.. A future product is in development developed to serve as a migration path for desktop users.
When will all features be available for use on my network?
The JusticeConnect Server product is available now for scheduled installation in production environments. Contact us today to get started.
What changes will be required in my SQL JUSTICE environment?
Updates to your existing CMI database schema will be applied as part of the integration and installation project. We will work with your IT department to implement the required security for your agency and establish the connection between your CMI database and the Microsoft Government Azure network where the JusticeConnect platform is located.
How can you say that JusticeConnect is CJIS Policy Compliant?
JusticeConnect is built from the ground-up to provide the safest and most secure way to connect to SQL Justice from Android and iOS devices. Advanced authentication. Device Provisioning. Access Restrictions. Password Policy Enforcement. Remote App Locking. Detection of jail-broken devices. Blocking of screen shots. Securely encrypted data... All built into the application. Extended auditing of application access, RMS access and CJIS requested data is provided via a secure administration portal. Local environment changes to SQL Justice must be applied, and the use of FIPS140-2 encryption used for full compliance of your mobile devices accessing criminal justice information. Contact us with questions about your network and how using JusticeConnect will provide useful tools to fulfill CJIS policy requirements.
What is the cost for licensing of this product?
Licensing is required based on an agency-license. An annual support maintenance contract agreement will ensure the application is kept up to date with both security and web standards best practices. Contact us by using our App Request Form for a quote for licensing for your agency.
Do you have other features in development?
Many new features are constantly being added. 
What is the GPS Mobile Device Tracking Feature? 
GPS data is saved and transmitted back to the server to display device location. This information is viewable from a map display and shows a filtered view of all units in relation to dispatched locations. A search feature using time/date will provide historical auditing and device location tracking.
This is a stand-alone separate iOS and Android App that will serve FIRE/EMS with a dashboard of only the current Dispatch call data. The App will authenticate based on a provisioned device list and will not require a user to login each use. Planned launch of this product has been pushed to Second Quarter 2018.
Who is developing these Apps for Custom Micro?
Our technology partner for new App development is iFocus Consulting, Inc. With expertise in MVC and .NET development and as Microsoft Partner since 2005 they are working towards updating CMI products and leveraging new standards and technology for future improvements of all our product lines.

Example Screens

Technology Partnership Integrated LEDs Lookups Cop View Units Screen Cop View Active Call Screen COP View Dispatch History COP View with Photo Layer Dispatch Board Dispatch Detail Screen Driving Directions Incident Search Screen Pull DMV Photos to Name Record Name Record Details JusticeConnect Menu Options eCitation Feature