CMI Justice

Justice: Computerized Law Enforcement Record Management System 

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Justice (Law Enforcement Records Management) application allows the law enforcement agencies to simplify and enhance day to day operations by automating the recording and tracking processes.

A sampling of features contained within Justice:

  • Centralized Master Name file, that's also available in CAD, Civil, and Jail related apps.
  • Alias Name tracking.
  • A Powerful search engene for ad-hoc reporting utilizing multiple criteria.
  • Complete coverage of Incident related information, including involved persons, property, vehicles, and associated narratives and case activity.
  • Property management for Evidence, Found, Lost, Safe Keeping, etc.
  • Photo Lineups
  • Emergency Locator, including assets available in an emergency.
  • Tracking accident-related statistical information, including driver information, traffic tickets, parking tickets, and vehicle contact information.
  • Complete Jail management, including jail activities, jail logs, work release, prisoner transportation, booking in and out, Inmate housing records, and commissary activities.
  • Department Personnel files for active, reserve, terminated or volunteer employees, including emergency information and a picture when available.
  • Field Contacts made by officers, including information associated with that contact.
  • Alarm tracking of all alarm information pertaining to a given location, including tracking false alarms along with associated letters and fines.
  • Department Training Records: including who went where and when, along with the reports needed to properly display the information.
  • Parking Tickets issued/collected.
  • Bicycle registration information.
  • On-line searchable quick reference application containing all the information in the U.S. D.O.T. Emergency Response Guidebook, for first aid, emergency action, fire, explosion, health hazard, and isolation distance type information.
  • Animal Registration, lost/found, and related incidents.
  • Tracking personnel equipment.
  • Departmental inventories, including expendable materials.
  • Counter Receipts for tracking petty cash or other small amounts of money.
  • Gun/Weapon Registration.
  • Computer Assisted Dispatching, full featured and integrated with State and Federal databases and Enhanced 911 information.
  • Report generator for users to modify existing or create new reports.
  • Fleet Vehicle information, including gas/oil consumption, repairs, parts utilization, down time, and vehicle costing.
  • Civil Paper Processing.
  • Active Warrant flagging.
  • Virtually unlimited Security options, including assignment of multiple groups. Audit tracking and recovery of modified or deleted data.
  • Departmental Accounts, tracking funds received and expended. Including setting of Fiscal years and monitoring Vendor activity.
  • Departmental Training records, certifications, and special qualifications.
  • NIBR reporting, State specific.
  • Officer Activity and time accounting.
  • Pawn Shop activity/monitoring.
  • Passdown/Shift Logs.
  • Ability to link popular external applications seamlessly within the Justice menus.
  • Ability to add/change/delete report menu choices at will on any form.
  • Ability to link multiple agencies to one central Justice system.
  • Ability to access Justice data via remote portable computers using HTML.
  • Plus many, many more...


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