Training Videos

Presentations are designed for user training and system evaluation.

General System Features

Video   Central Data/Incident    16 minutes
Video  Master Name 13 minutes
Video   Search & Find 12 minutes
Video  JUSTICE: Tips and Tricks 15 minutes
 Computer Dispatching (CAD)
 Video  Overview 14 minutes
 Video  CAD Calls ( part-1 ) 15 minutes
 Video  CAD Calls ( part-2 ) 6 minutes
 Video  CAD Units 5 minutes
 Video  CAD History 6 minutes
 Jail/ Mobile/ Photo Lineup
 Video  Inmate Booking 20 minutes
 Video  Justice-Lite Mobile 1 8 minutes
 Video  Justice-Lite Mobile 2 8 minutes
 Video  Photo Lineup 8 minutes
 Civil Record Management
 Video  Civil Papers  10 minutes
 State Reporting
 Video  ONIBRS Overview 11 minutes
 Video  ONIBRS Simple Case 16 minutes
 Video  ONIBRS Complex Case 25 minutes
 Video   Workstation Setup  9 minutes
 Video  Adding New Users  6 minutes


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